Berkeley Pump B85583

B3ZRM Berkeley Pump B85583 Pumpkin, Less Volute, Counter – Clockwise Rotation, Adapts to B85578, B85582

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Berkeley Pump B85583

“Moving and Improving Water Around the World™”. That′s the trademark slogan of the Sta-Rite company and their Berkeley line of Water Pumps and the B3ZRM Berkeley Pump B85583 Water Truck Pumps. And you′ll find a great selection of Berkeley Pumps for OEM, pressure boost, water processing, and irrigating uses.

When the need to replace a complete water truck pump is not warranted, the B3Z PUMPKIN is the answer. The B3Z PUMPKIN includes the entire pump with a cast iron impeller – less the volute or casing. A gasket or o-ring is provided to seal between the pumpkin and volute.

B3ZRM – Berkeley Water Truck Pump Less Volute

Manufacturer: Berkeley

Berkeley Pump B85583

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Additional information

Weight 160 lbs

Cast Iron


CCW (Counter – Clockwise)

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