Berkeley Pump B66161

Berkeley Pump B66161 Type B Frame Mount B3ZRM CW rotation, Cast Iron, 4″ x 3″ NPT, (125 lbs) 26″ x 20 x 18″

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Berkeley Pump B66161

Moving and Improving Water Around the World™”. That′s the trademark slogan of the Sta-Rite company and their Berkeley line of Water Pumps and Water Truck Pumps. And you′ll find a great selection of Berkeley Pumps for OEM, pressure boost, water processing, and irrigating uses.

Manufacturer : Berkeley

Berkeley Pump B66161



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When it comes to Water Truck Pumps there is none better then the Frame Mounted Centrifugal Series from Berkeley. The Type B Series is a Belt Coupling Drive Pump that is made of cast iron including the impeller. There is a packing shaft seal and this model is in the B3ZRM family that is a standard 3 x 4 x 9 frame size. The volute connection is NPT.

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Weight 125 lbs


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